Town of Kearny
New Jersey


Resolution Authorizing a Request to Use Enterprise Zone Assistance Funds for an Eltec Flashing Crosswalk Beacon System for Kearny Avenue in the Amount of not to Exceed $9,550 (includes Local Share of $3,820).


Department:KuezSponsors:Mayor Alberto G. Santos


              WHEREAS, the Urban Enterprise Zone Director has drafted a proposal to purchase an Eltec Flashing Crosswalk Beacon System on Kearny Avenue, which has been approved by the Kearny Enterprise Zone Development Corporation; and


WHEREAS, the proposal is an eligible use of Urban Enterprise Zone Assistance Funds under the provisions of the Urban Enterprise Zone Act, P.L. 1993, Chapter 367; and


WHEREAS, the requested expenditures for said proposal, not to exceed $5,730 have been deposited in the Enterprise Zone Assistance Fund by the New Jersey Division of Taxation and are available for use by the Town of Kearny; and


              WHEREAS, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 52:27H-88(c) in order to fund the project from monies deposited in the Enterprise Zone Assistance Fund, the governing body must first conduct a public hearing on the project and adopt a Resolution approving the project and authorizing the submission of the application for funding; and


              WHEREAS, a public hearing was held on March 27, 2018; now, therefore, be it


              RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Town of Kearny, Hudson County, New Jersey that:


              A request not to exceed $5,730 be and hereby is authorized to purchase an Eltec Flashing Crosswalk Beacon System on Kearny Avenue, as to which the Town of Kearny shall pay 40% of the total cost of the project or $3,820 for a total of not to exceed $9,550, so as to obtain approval for the release of Zone Assistance Fund Monies.

Meeting History

Mar 27, 2018 7:00 PM  Council Caucus / Regular Meeting
draft Draft
MOVER:Alberto G. Santos, Mayor
SECONDER:Albino Cardoso, Council Member
AYES:Carol Jean Doyle, Michael Landy, Susan McCurrie, Eileen Eckel, Albino Cardoso, Marytrine DeCastro, Peter Santana, Alberto G. Santos
ABSENT:Richard Konopka