Town of Kearny
New Jersey


Resolution Ratifying the Prepayment by the Town of a Lease with Big Belly Solar, Inc. for Eight (8) Solar
Powered Trash Receptacle Units (Funded by Clean Communities Grant).


Department:Town AttorneySponsors:Council Member Marytrine DeCastro
Category:Agreements, LeasesFunctions:None


              WHEREAS, the Town was the recipient of a Clean Communities Grant from the State of New Jersey, and in September 2018 used some of those grant funds for the installation of eight (8) solar powered trash receptacle units in the Town’s business district, which were leased from Big Belly Solar Inc. for a five (5) year period; and 


              WHEREAS, in order to maximize grant funding, the Chief Financial Officer elected to prepay the rent for the 5 year term rather than paying in monthly installments; and


              WHEREAS, the Mayor and Council wish to ratify and approve that prepayment to Big Belly Solar, Inc.; now, therefore, be it


              RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Town of Kearny, Hudson County, New Jersey, that:


1.              The prepayment of $50,195 under the five (5) year lease agreement with Big Belly Solar, Inc. for eight (8) solar powered trash receptacle units is hereby ratified and approved.


2.              The Business Administrator or Chief Financial Officer are authorized to execute any documents needed to effectuate the financing.


I hereby certify that funds from the Clean Communities Grant were available for this lease prepayment.



                                                                                                                SHUAIB FIROZVI

                                                                                                                CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER

Meeting History

Apr 23, 2019 7:00 PM  Council Caucus / Regular Meeting
draft Draft
MOVER:Carol Jean Doyle, Council Member
SECONDER:Alberto G. Santos, Mayor
AYES:Carol Jean Doyle, Susan McCurrie, Eileen Eckel, Albino Cardoso, Marytrine DeCastro, Peter Santana, Gerald Ficeto, Alberto G. Santos
ABSENT:Richard Konopka